About Me



I believe that people are either born with a travel gene or they are not.  Those of us meant to explore this world can only be happy if we know another trip is right around the corner.  Yet, my friends and family are constantly (and suspiciously) quizzing me about how I always seem to be on another vacation.  This is my answer:

  • I don’t have small children.  So cute, but they definitely present some travel challenges, particularly those tricky school schedules.
  • I don’t have any pets. Apparently, humans cannot travel because they have pets; and no one will watch the pets; and kennels cost too much; and their pets will get sick in a kennel; and their pets are too scared to fly.  (For the record, if I had a pet, I am pretty sure I’d figure out how to go on vacation anyway.  However, have you noticed that an astounding number of people use pets as an excuse not to travel?)
  • I don’t have any plants that need watering.  Or, if we do, I have never noticed them.
  • I try to work during the summers and holiday season while the rest of the world is on vacation.  I travel instead when prices are low, your children are in school, and tourist sites are less crowded.
  • I am not afraid to fly thousands of miles on a long weekend and be back to work on Monday.
  • Travel is my biggest hobby.  And, if you are like me, nothing will keep your feet planted at home.  We will find the money, we will find the time, and we will find the energy required to travel.

Conveniently, I actually live in a tourist destination–a beach town in Southern California. In a beach town, you only have to ride your bike down the street to find travel stories.  Most of the time, I write about the lovely places I visit far from home.  Why?  Because I do copious research before traveling.  It is part of the fun, and I am always grateful for the tips I find.  I like to put my experiences out there for the next planner.

I have an undergraduate degree in International Relations and a graduate degree in Foreign Service.  What does this mean?  It means I spent a LOT of time and money in the United States studying about other cultures.  Perhaps one could argue that I should have spent all that time and money actually visiting other countries instead.  I don’t like to think about that, though.  Instead, let’s just say that I take my research about other countries very seriously.

Image of Maureen walking and holding hands with husband.

My main travel partner is my husband.  I call travel our “super power,” because the best moments of our marriage are spent wandering. Of course, it is also when we are at our most ridiculous.  We are both fortunate to have full-time jobs, which means I am writing purely for fun and in my spare time.  In other words, if I say nice things about anyone or anything, it’s just because I like them.  Also, this means that I am going to post only when there is something to write.

I think that’s it.  You know all the important stuff.