“Um, Where is Slovenia?”

“Um, where is Slovenia?” I received this question often from Americans while planning a trip to Slovenia, a country which was once part of the former Yugoslavia.  The few Americans who nodded their head knowingly actually thought I was going to Slovakia, a country that used to be part of Czechoslovakia.

After a short geography lesson, my friends would then ask in a mystified tone, “Do you have to go there for work?”  Out of necessity, I soon became an unofficial ambassador for this remarkable country.  Slovenia has it all.  It is a small, charming country featuring mountains, lakes, rivers, wine regions, coastal towns, and gorgeous architecture in a small geographic area — approximately 7,800 square miles.   For comparison’s sake, California is approximately 163,000 square miles.

I recently spent several days in Slovenia, and I have posted the itinerary to my website.  Read it now by clicking “Slovenia: A 3-Day Itinerary.”

Image of Ljubljana from above.

Beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia