Ireland: A One-Week Itinerary

Over the years, I have done nothing but yammer on and on about travel and post travel pictures on social media sites.  This becomes tiresome to others, until they want to travel.  Then, suddenly, you are useful.  Specifically, your friends and family want you to create itineraries for them.  I decided to create a website where I would store all of my itineraries for the use of friends, family, and the public.  Aha! was born!


A Lightpost in Ireland

Then, I started writing blog posts and it was fun.  So much fun that I forgot to post any itineraries, because I enjoy reading my own writing as much as I enjoy hearing myself talk.  My friends and family said, “Your ‘blog posts’ or whatever they are called are very nice.  Now, for pete’s sake, will you please post your darn itineraries??”

So, I have posted my first itinerary.  It is about a one-week trip to Ireland, and it will live on my website here.  I will be posting others.  I swear.

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