London: A 5-Day Itinerary

I fell in love with London on my first visit—but not in the traditional way.  In 1993, I spent the summer blissfully backpacking through Europe.  By the time I arrived in England at the end of August, I was utterly exhausted and ready to go home to the United States.  I practically hugged the immigration inspector who spoke to me in English, my mother tongue.  The inspector forced me to enter the country so I would stop talking to him.

Until my flight left for the United States, I had an amazing time in London sleeping, eating Taco Bell, and watching American movies without subtitles.  That’s all I did.  No museums, no history, no art.

I apologize, London, for my poor behavior during my last trip.  In an attempt to make things right, my husband and I spent five days in London at the beginning of April 2018.  Obviously, I am not a London expert.  There are as many itineraries as there are travelers.  This one is mine.

Our entire itinerary can be found at: London: A 5-Day Itinerary

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